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Welcome to Southside Hearing Center

Your hearing journey begins with us.

Here at Southside Hearing Center we are all about the hearing journey. We believe that managing hearing loss is a long term commitment that takes patience and trust. Southside Hearing Center offers a clear and guided path to persons in need of hearing healthcare from the assistance in the medical diagnosis of hearing loss and other related health issues, to the management of hearing loss through the use of devices and other tools. We have the expertise to provide the services essential to the success of all of the above.

Dr. Sue DeBruyne is your leader in this journey. She is a Doctor of Audiology, licensed in New York with many years of experience. Her staff is comprised of well-qualified audiologists and support staff. Explore the web site further to meet Dr. DeBruyne and her staff.

Proudly certified by the Audigy Group. We are one of less than 200 in the country and less than 15 in our state to be certified by the Audigy Group. To learn more and schedule an appointment with our Lakeville or Rochester office, or call us today.

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Lakeville, NY

3513 Thomas Dr, Ste 2,
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Henrietta, NY

20 Finn Rd, Suite C,
Henrietta, NY 14467

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