Discover the Human Touch in Hearing Technology

The first step starts at our Lakeville or Rochester office where you will find people who will guide you on your journey of care and management from the very first phone call you can know what to expect, and how to go about your journey. We’ll be sure to plan your visit according to your needs, and make sure you have enough time to explore those needs. No double-booking allowed!

A comprehensive audiological evaluation is typically your first visit where we will discover if you have a hearing loss, the nature of the hearing loss and any management options available for the hearing loss. As audiologists we are educated and trained in the medical aspects of hearing loss; and medical disorders and pathologies that go along with some hearing losses. If we discover a loss that should be medically investigated or treated, we will promptly refer you to the appropriate physician for such treatment. We are often instrumental in assisting physicians in the diagnosis and treatment of ear, hearing and balance disorders for both adults and children. We work quite closely with ear, nose and throat physicians. Most insurances will cover this evaluation (subject to co-pays, coinsurance and/deductibles and individual insurance plans)

For the hearing losses that are not medically treatable, we specialize in the management of hearing loss through the use of devices such as hearing aids. At the time of your visit, or at a follow-up visit, we will discuss your management options. Hearing aid styles and technologies are addressed and sometimes demonstrated. We call this a Hearing Aid Introduction, and we generally book a full hour for this very important discussion. We realize this discussion is HUGE and you need all of the information available to make good, valuable decisions! You can be assured that we will offer the most up-to-date technologies and discover together what products and styles are appropriate for you.

Once you have decided to pursue hearing aids, a fitting appointment is booked. We will reserve 1.5 hours to fit you with the hearing aids, show you how to care for them, and use them effectively. We will cover all the pertinent paperwork, and payment is made at this point (unless other arrangements have been made). You will leave with the hearing aids on that day having learned all about your instruments. You will expect to return approximately one week from that day for a follow-up to go over any issues that arise within that first week of using your hearing aids.

At your one week follow-up we will address any questions. Often we will review caring for the instruments, and make any programming adjustments according to your week’s experience.
After your one-week follow-up visit, we tailor your visits with us according to your needs. Some may need to return a couple of times to “tweak” the hearing aids. Some do amazingly well and will not need to return for another six months. Whatever the follow-up regimen, our journey together will continue with care and maintenance of the hearing aids, ear and hearing care, and general communication strategies.

Together we will start a hearing journey that will become a lasting relationship!