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CAPD Testing

Central Auditory Processing Disorder (CAPD)

Central Auditory Processing (CAP) refers to how the central nervous system uses auditory information. Individuals with CAP deficits often have full function in their outer, middle, and inner ear, but they struggle with processing auditory information into sounds or speech that the brain can understand.

CAPD can affect children and adults, and the symptoms can affect many different hearing functions, including sound localization, auditory pattern recognition, and — perhaps most commonly — speech recognition in noisy environments.

In the absence of any clear physiological symptoms, testing for CAPD typically involves a combination of tests. These typically include:

  • A basic hearing test to screen for hearing loss
  • Neurologic testing to measure the brain’s response to sound stimuli
  • Behavioral tests that measure various auditory processing skills, such as listening in noise, pattern recognition and auditory closure
  • Dichotic speech tests, which demonstrate the ability to repeat words or sounds administered to alternate ears

Please be aware that not all audiologists are trained in the detection and treatment of CAPD. Southside Hearing Center is proud be a resource for CAPD patients in the greater Rochester area. For more information about auditory processing, click on this link: Auditory Processing Disorders (APD) in Children.

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