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Don’t Miss Out on the Season’s Symphony for the Ears

Giggling kids stomping in fresh puddles. Ball games bringing out big team spirit. New leaves rustling in the breeze. Spring’s in bloom with sound, and hearing it is part of the fun. Read on for some wonderful spring experiences and ways hearing technology can help.


Backyard Get-Togethers

Backyard barbecues aren’t just for summer! Spring marks a festive time for shedding winter chills and gathering over great food on the grill. Whether friends, family, or neighbors, folks getting together to share good eats, stories, and laughter is one of the rites of post-hibernation fun!

Listen for —

  • Flip-flops on the patio
  • Sizzling vegetable kabobs or steak
  • The punch line of a favorite corny joke
  • The hiss of a newly opened bottle of sparkling peach cider

Tech tip: With built-in directional microphones, hearing aids help amplify the conversation directly in front of you while curbing distracting background noise.


Sports Merriment

What did your best friend just whisper during the big game? You don’t want to miss the scoop. Spring sports bring a renewed sense of camaraderie, exhilaration, and anticipation. The team spirit, tailgating, triumphs, and trash talk can add up to a thrilling time.

Listen for —

  • The crunch of popcorn and chips
  • The crack of a bat for the final play
  • Chants that move the crowd to their feet
  • Horns, bells, whistles, and announcer updates

Tech tip: Targeted hearing aid settings for your favorite event venues — with geotagging for automated switching — helps enhance your listening no matter where you are.


Wildlife Wonders

Lots of feathered, furry, scaly, and winged creatures stay busy year-round, but the world of wildlife comes especially alive in spring. Birds returning from points farther south fill the air. Squirrels dart about, gathering food and nesting supplies. Butterflies and other pollinators flutter from bloom to bloom.

Listen for:

  • Frogs signaling others near and far with croaks and calls
  • Seagulls celebrating the spoils of a spring catch
  • Bees humming and buzzing about as they gather nectar
  • Deer hurrying across the trail, stirring overwintered leaves as they sprint

Tech tip: Rechargeable hearing aids with full-day power let you enjoy outdoor exploration without worrying about carrying disposable batteries or finding replacements while on the go.


Everyday Moments

Spring’s treasures don’t stop at April showers and May flowers. As winter eases its grip, a warm campfire crackles through the night, friends gather to binge-watch the new “It Show,” and favorite tunes set the vibe for a scenic road trip.

Listen for:

  • Distant thunder during a cozy weekend indoors
  • Laugh-filled debates over cliffhanger endings
  • Bags rustling and shoppers chatting at the farmers market
  • A new duet that’s bound to be your must-hear jam

Tech tip: Many hearing aids make streaming music, TV, calls, and other audio right to your ears a cinch for convenient listening.


Today’s Best Hearing Aids: Crafted for Amazing Seasons of Sound

  • Sleek, discrete designs customized to your style
  • Rechargeability — some models — for all-day hearing
  • Easy streaming of phone calls, TV, and other audio
  • Automated settings for favorite places and more
  • Noise filtering to stamp out annoying distractions
  • Clear sound that feels natural and empowering

If catching the sounds of spring seems harder than it used to be, don’t wait. Our knowledgeable team, comprehensive diagnostics, and cutting-edge hearing solutions can help you dive into a whole season of joy. Call us to book your hearing test now!

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