Blooming flowers, warm rains, gentle sun, and nesting birds — May is a beautiful time to get outdoors and enjoy the sounds of spring. Keep your hearing aids at optimal performance by following these tips to ensure you’re getting the most out of Better Hearing Month.


Moisture is the No. 1 cause of hearing aid malfunction. Unless your hearing aids are completely waterproof, take care to remove them before hopping into the pool or enjoying the ocean surf. Storing them in a waterproof container or investing in a drying unit is recommended.


Yep, it’s moisture again! If you’re wearing a BTE or RIC aid, not only can the liquid component of sweat damage your technology, the salt in sweat can be corrosive, causing invisible damage that isn’t immediately apparent, but eventually results in malfunction.

Wind and Dirt

If you spend time in a dry, windy climate, take special care to clean your aids after spending time outdoors. Without regular cleaning, debris can accumulate on your technology and damage the delicate electronics within.


Staying active is an important part of a healthy lifestyle, and what better way to enjoy Better Hearing Month than by hitting the field for a game of soccer or Frisbee? You’ll want to wear your hearing aids to ensure you hear every moment of the game, but be careful not to dislodge them. Skullcaps, headbands, and oto clips are excellent ways to keep your aids safe and in place while playing sports.

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