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Five Ways to Help and Honor Veterans

Five Ways to Help and Honor Veterans

With days becoming longer and sunnier, we’re all looking forward to firing up the barbecue on Memorial Day and enjoying some quality time with friends and family. While this particular holiday is devoted to commemorating fallen soldiers, there is much you can do to improve the lives of living veterans and active-duty military.   Donate […]

Hearing Aid Safety During Spring Activities

Blooming flowers, warm rains, gentle sun, and nesting birds — May is a beautiful time to get outdoors and enjoy the sounds of spring. Keep your hearing aids at optimal performance by following these tips to ensure you’re getting the most out of Better Hearing Month.   Swimming Moisture is the No. 1 cause of […]

Unique Sounds of Country Living Can Harm Your Hearing

Now that spring is here and you’re spending more time enjoying the outdoors and other recreational activities, ensure these sources of rural noise pollution don’t damage your hearing health.   Farm Equipment It’s no secret that tractors and plows are noisy, but did you know the sounds they produce are loud enough to damage your […]

Dementia a Real Risk With Hearing Loss

If you think of hearing loss as just an inconsequential part of getting older, you’re not alone. The truth is, however, that the condition can strike even the youngest among us — more than one in 1,000 babies screened has some form of hearing impairment, per Centers for Disease Control and Prevention data — and […]

Reverse-Slope Hearing Loss

Your Refrigerator Is Running — Can You Hear It? You’re probably familiar with the many telltale, well-known signs of hearing loss — asking people to repeat themselves frequently, turning up the TV to uncomfortable levels for others in the room, or leaning into a conversation on one side to use your “good ear.” But what […]

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